Safety Testers

are to provide tests to electrical safety of electronic and electrical products. The safety testers are used in Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Production, and Laboratory. With the rise of consumer awareness of consumers safety and to sell their products globally, manufacturers will perform electrical safety tests with their safety tester during the production process. The purpose is to ensure consumers can purchase a safe product and the product does meet the strict requirements of international safety agencies.

The safety testers come in stand-alone to multiple safety tests. The 7-in-1 test features:

AC Dielectric Voltage Withstanding,
DC Dielectric Voltage Withstanding,
Insulation Resistance,
Ground Bond or Earth Continuity,
Touch Current or Line Leakage,
Run Test,
AC Source.

All tests meet the Electrical Safety Compliance of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Conformit Europenne (CE), Technischer berwachungs-Verein (TV), China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and etc.

ESA Safety

7452 Safety
7440 Safety
7142 Safety