EMC Test Facilities

  • 10m Semi-Anechoic Chamber for Radiated Emission Test,
  • 3m Full-Anechoic Chamber for Radiated and Conducted Immunity Test,
  • 3 Shield Rooms;for

Electrostatic Discharge Simulation Test
Fast Transient Simulator Test
Lightning Surge Test
Conducted Emission Test
Magnetic Field Immunity Test

  • Special Room for Harmonic Current, Dip and Flicker Test.

At a lower cost than most EMC test facilities in this region, you have a flexible and shorter queue time for usage. The Anechoic Chamber performance is NSA +/-2dB with SVSWR less than 4dB. The EMC test facilities provide a full range of ITE set-ups for CISPR 22 and 24. The facilities within also provide product confidentiality with an isolated test lab and storage room for your convenience.